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4HW Portraits

You may not think of photography as part of Art but it is and has ‘rules’ in the same way as Art does.

Whether you are drawing, painting or taking photos composition is really important in getting the perfect picture. So this was the pefect opportunity for 4HW to show off their skills by using some of the techniques below.


So what is composition?


Composition is the planning of, placement of or arrangement of the elements of art in a work. That might be where someone stands, how dark or light the background or foreground is. The colours used (if it is a painting) and so on..


Artists and photographers spend a lot of time planning the layout of their work to make sure that the most important parts of the picture stand out.


The Rules


#1 – Get closer! 

#2 – Use the rule of thirds. Portraits with the person smack in the middle of the frame feel a bit average, boring even.                   Using the rule of thirds, as you would for any of your photography, place the subject off-centre to add interest.

#3 – Leave enough of the shoulders for a good base

#4 – Don’t crop body parts! Try to avoid cropping off your subject’s hands or feet. When you crop off a small part it                      looks like something is missing or it’s a mistake. 

#5 – Get creative! Dare to be different! Try things to see what it looks like. Try things like: compositions with the subject               in the lower third or with the camera at an angel. The point is – there really are not rules!