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Picture 1 Our Easter bags
Picture 2 Easter Craft
Picture 3 Our promise wall
Picture 4 Our celebration's around the world wall
Picture 5 Sunflowers
Picture 6 Grandparents day art hangers
Picture 7 Kids Club sujjestion box
Picture 8 Free painting
Picture 9 Calandars
Picture 10 Emoji
Picture 11 chinese new year
Picture 12 Parents notice Board which is updated weekly
Picture 13 Diwali candles
Picture 14 Kids Club council nomination day
Picture 1 This is a rabbit made from kitchen roll
Picture 2 our kitchen roll art
Picture 3 Kids Club Council Board
Picture 4 Kitchen roll Art
Picture 1 Our Reward Board
Picture 2 Diwali Mobiles
Picture 3 Birthday Board
Picture 4 Poppy wreath
Picture 5 Grandparent cards
Picture 6 Diwali mobiles
Picture 1 Here is our year 3 children playing with gloop
Picture 2 Messy play with pasta
Picture 3 messy play with pasta
Picture 4 messay play with pasta
Picture 5
Picture 6 Tower creation
Picture 7 Easter bags
Picture 8 easter bunny bag
Picture 9 our De cupage flower pots
Picture 10 our sun flowers
Picture 11 My creation