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Design and Technology

Design and Technology is mainly a practical subject in which the children learn a variety of developmental procedures and skills. It is a subject which involves the creative application of many subjects including science and mathematics. Through activity in Design and Technology, children learn how to explore, understand, control and improve aspects of their own environment. They also learn the importance of how a products design should appeal to a given market audience and the historical relevance of some important design developments.

Children will have the opportunity to:

(a) express, communicate, clarify and develop ideas.

(b) use a range of materials, tools and equipment.

(c) choose the most appropriate materials for a task.

(d) use materials, tools and equipment safely.

(e) learn healthy cooking techniques

(f) apply knowledge, skills and experiences in order to develop activities.

(g) carry out market research and fulfil a design brief

(h) test, modify and adapt ideas.

(i) evaluate their own work and the products of others.

(j) work independently and co-operatively.

(k) learn about some important historical events that have significantly influenced technology and product design.