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At Shirley Heath, all pupils learn French. We teach a weekly 30 minute lesson, which is supported by short planned revision and practice sessions throughout the week.

Children experience learning by listening, watching and doing in a wide variety of activities involving: choral repetition, games, songs, quizzes, finger rhymes, storytelling, mime, puppets, I.C.T, circle time and worksheet activities to reinforce learning.  These activities take place in various groupings such as:  whole class, group and pair work and in teams. 

We focus mostly on spoken language and listening skills, however, children also have the chance to write and read French. Teachers use different spaces to practise our language skills including the classroom, hall and playground.

All children have opportunities to use I.C.T. including the Internet, DVDs, CDs and Linguascope.

Le français est vraiment amusant !