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If you have a question or concern about your child, please contact the class teacher through the school office.

Contact: 0121 7441339  office@shirley-heath.solihull.sch.uk

Inclusion Manager: Matthew Taylor.

He has an overview of Inclusion, including SEN and the work of the SENCo. Contact: 0121 7441339 



Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo): Jean Tyler. Contact: 0121 7441339 



Learning Support


The Inclusion Manager plans and oversees all additional support offered by school. He works closely with teachers and teaching assistants, as well as advisory teachers from Solihull Specialist Inclusion Service (SISS). Additionally, Shirley Heath has a SENCo, an Autism Lead and a Pastoral Manager.


SEN Intervention programmes


All children identified as needing additional support are referred to the Inclusion Manager.  Appropriate 1:1 or small group intervention is then set up to support their needs.  It may be run by the SENCo or another member of staff. Some children will not require additional sessions but adjustments may need to be made by the teacher in the classroom. Parents are kept fully informed if their child is receiving additional support.  Some children will also have a Pupil Profile, which the child contributes to.  The Pupil Profile is reviewed and adjusted to suit individual progress.  We have a very good Inclusion Support Service who offer advice and practical suggestions for children requiring help in addition to this, ensuring that all children reach their full potential.


Intervention programmes 


Fluid Intervention

We run various, very successful intervention programmes to support both English and Mathematics. At Shirley Heath we believe that no child should be left behind. With this in mind, we have Fluid Intervention. If a child has not understood, or needs consolidation work in a given topic e.g. decimal ordering or use of adverbs, they will receive a short, targeted intervention session the same day or as soon as practically possible. This will be delivered by a teaching assistant and is 1:1 or very small group intervention.


SENCo Support

The SENCo works with groups of children to consolidate and pre-teach learning as well as target specific outcomes for various children with an additional need.


Catch-Up Reading

This is a structured and individualised programme for children who need support with reading accuracy and fluency. We also run Buddy Reading, where children are supported in reading by an older pupil.  


Additional support

We also have teacher-led intervention and some small group tuition after and during school.  We have found that these interventions have made a significant improvement in both academic results and pupils’ self-esteem.  For those children who need additional support for their emotional or social needs, we run group sessions that complement the SEAL lessons taught to the whole school.


Place 2 Talk


The Teaching Assistants have been trained to offer a listening ear to children when they are upset; possibly due to bereavement, divorce or separation, friendship problems, the death of a pet etc – anything that is playing on the child’s mind and causing a barrier to learning.  We offer them a safe place where they can explore their feelings and discover the strengths hidden within themselves.  To have the opportunity to talk in the Place2Talk room, children can either self-refer, be referred by their parents or a teacher.  This referral is through filling in a slip and posting it in the letterbox outside the Place2talk room.