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Junior P.C.S.O.

In year 5, with the support of Shirleys Neighbourhood Team, we are learning about the role of a police community support officer.

Each week 15 children will go out with our local P.C.S.O. to tackle topics such as speeding, litter, graffiti and local issues. Some weeks we may be joined by a local councellor to gain their views and opinions.

Week 2

This week at junior PCSO we have been cleaning up our street, especially the areas surrounding school.

Some of the local community had great praise for the children and the efforts they were putting in.no


Week 3


This week our young crime busters have been patrolling the streets looking for drivers who cause parking obstructions.

During our local walk we found that many drivers were extremely conscious of the law and effects it has on pedestrians, however there were one or two that needed a gentle reminder off our PCSO team.


Take a look at some crazy ways people around Britain have parked!



Week 4


This week our junior PCSO officers were back out at the top of Coombe road checking for more speeding drivers.


Take our simple qiuz to see what you may already know.



1. Which was the fastest speed recorded this week by Joe in year 5? was it:


A. 33mph

B. 37mph

C. 42mph

D. 38mph


2. What percentage over the speed limit can you go before getting a ticket?


A. 5%

B. 15%

C. 12%

D. 10%


3. On a 30mph road what speed would a driver need to be doing before a police officer automatically takes the licence away without points or warning?


A. 45mph

B. 40mph

C. 55mph

D. 60mph


Answers below the photos!laugh



1. A

2. D

3. D

Did you get all the answers right?mailno

Week 5


This week during junior PCSO we have been cleaning up some local wooded areas over by Sharmans Cross College.

Some of the items found were: this weeks local newspapers, a car axel, a wheel hub and lots of fizzy drinks bottles.

Local council worker Sarah popped along to help and was very impressed with the 10 bags of rubbish collected in such a short space of time. Well done Year 5 no

Week 6

Week 6 and back to Sharmans woods for some more clearing up with the Solihull MBC team. Thanks to the massive help from pupils in Year 5 the area has already undergone a dramatic transformation. Good job Year 5!