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At Shirley Heath, we believe that children should have the opportunity to understand how numbers, shapes, symbols and graphs interact to represent the world in which they live.  It is our belief that children’s enjoyment comes from a wide range of mathematical experiences such as problem solving, investigations, games, use of information technology and learning from everyday situations such as shopping, telling the time or cooking.

With this in mind, we endeavour to provide relevant, exciting and challenging lessons, which include a combination of fluency, reasoning and problem solving activities.  To ensure that children are secure in their understanding of each new concept,   we believe it is important to explore the many areas of mathematics both practically and visually before introducing any formal written methods.  We provide children with the opportunity to experience many different approaches to solving problems. This allows them to have a deeper understanding of each concept and gives them the chance to apply their knowledge by selecting the method that best suits their style of learning.

Children are taught in ability sets, which are reviewed and changed regularly. Homework is set once a week for all year groups and is used to reinforce the concepts taught in class. Children are expected to practise their times tables at home regularly and are tested on these on a regular basis.  All children have their own personal log in for Mathletics which can be accessed from home and at school, and can be used  to practise many different mathematical skills.