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At Shirley Heath, the R.E curriculum content is based upon the “Agreed Syllabus for R.E. in Solihull.”

This syllabus has two closely related aspects: learning about religion (the development of Concepts and Knowledge) and learning from religions (the fostering of attitudes, development of skills and the exploration of human experiences.)


The purpose of RE is to promote pupils’ development as individuals and prepare them for life in a society characterised by diversity of religious affiliation.  The teaching of R.E enables and encourages children to acquire a knowledge and understanding of Christianity, whilst also providing an insight into other principal religions found in the UK: Judaism, Sikhism; Buddhism; Islam and Hinduism.


R.E is taught in strands-each focusing upon a given R.E. theme.  Each strand lasts for approximately five weeks.


We use a range of strategies and stimuli, such as the use of visits and visitors, children’s own experiences, drama, music, websites and the use of religious artefacts, to enhance our teaching of R.E.


Note: All parents have the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education.