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Science at Shirley Heath aims to develop a range of skills, both academic and practical. We aim to provide opportunities for the children to research and learn about areas of interest through a wide range of media. Additionally children are encouraged to build upon their natural curiosity and love of exploration through planned investigations.

Exploring Science is exciting and motivating for all pupils not only within the classroom but also in fieldwork delivered by experts.

The main focus of teaching in Years 3 and 4 is to provide children with the opportunity to develop an understanding of the world around them. Children in lower key stage 2 are able to learn through discussion, testing and exploration of the world around them. In Years 5 and 6 children are able to revisit key ideas and delve deeper into these areas allowing them to gain a more thorough understanding of a range of scientific ideas. Upper key stage 2 develop their learning through exploration of scientific phenomena and analysis of relationships and interactions.