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The Big Bang Fair

We had an amazing time today at The Big Bang Fair NEC with year 6.  

We were able to become paramedics, make our own mexican jumping beans, conduct elcectricty through our bodies to make a speaker work, plus many other fantastic things.


Every year, the Big Bang Fair is the largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths for young people in the UK. This year, Aston is encouraging youngsters to 'Be Fit and Be Appy', and how engineering and technology can help us all look after our bodies.

Superconducting Quantum Levitation on a 3π Möbius Strip

From the Low Temperature Physics Lab: Quantum levitation on a 3π Möbius strip track! Watch the superconductor levitate above the track and suspend below the track, without having to go across the edge. Our track is not an "ordinary" Möbius strip with just one twist, but rather a Möbius strip with three twists -- 540 degrees, or 3π radians, thus, a 3π Möbius strip track.

Paper Circuit!

LIKE/FAV for Paper Goodness! Can I borrow your pencil? Music Below: Here are the items you will need. 1. A number 2 pencil (Better if you get a 2B pencil from the art store) 2. A thick piece of paper 3.