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If you have a question or concern about your child, please contact the class teacher through the school office.

Tel: 0121 7441339



Mrs A. Mills, Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) 

Tel: 0121 7441339



Mr. M.Taylor, Deputy Headteacher & Inclusion Manager

Tel: 0121 7441339




Our complaints procedure for Special Educational Needs (SEN) is to contact Mrs A. Mills, Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) 

SEN Team


Mrs A. Mills

Mrs M. Carter (Autism Lead)

Miss L. Grimes

Mrs C. Parfitt

Miss L. Vann



The SEN Team is led by Mrs A. Mills, who is SENCo. She leads a team of staff who support pupils inside and outside the classroom. The SEN Team work tirelessly to remove any barriers to learning or empower children to manage any barriers to learning. Teaching children with additional needs begins in the classroom with the class teacher, who is responsible for all pupils in their class.


Graduated Approach

1. Barriers to learning (which impact on progress) are identified by teacher.

2. Adjustments made by class teacher in the classroom.

3. Teacher makes further adjustments. SENCo now involved and parents informed. Teacher supported by SEN staff.

4. Child's progress and learning style monitored.

5. Child added to SEN Register and Pupil Profile created.

6. Intervention sessions outside the classroom provide bespoke support for specific areas of need. This is 1:1 or small group.


Pupil Profiles

Parents are kept fully informed if their child is receiving additional support.  Some children will have a Pupil Profile, which is reviewed and adjusted to suit individual progress. 


Expert advice

We work with SENTAA who offer advice and practical recommendations to staff and parents. SENTAA work closely with the SENCo to monitor progress and provision.