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At Shirley Heath, we want children to be confident, imaginative writers for life; we aim to foster a love of reading and writing. All pupils are grouped according to ability and there are four Writing lessons per week and one spelling. Three of these are devoted to teaching genres of writing. Units of work last for a half term and children are taught the correct features for the genre or genres being studied e.g. biography, action adventure story or recount. At the end of each unit, children complete an assessed piece of writing on the genre they have learnt. During each assessment, children will plan, write, proof-read and then edit their writing. Children complete two assessments each term and so by the end of each year have a body of work they can be really proud of. Unit targets are shared with the children at the start of each unit; the teacher assesses their end of unit work against these targets, sharing with them the targets they have still to achieve. Once a week, pupils have a Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GAPS) lesson. Children are then expected to use what they have learnt in Writing lessons, assessments and in work across the curriculum. Children also have a weekly spelling lesson where the rule for that week is introduced, explained and investigated. Children complete weekly spelling homework linked to this rule.