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Science at Shirley Heath aims to stimulate children’s curiosity, widen their interests and develop a positive attitude to learning.  It also aims to develop children’s ability to communicate, to understand everyday life and to explore their environment. Our aim when teaching science is to develop an enquiring mind, and a scientific approach to problems, and to provide opportunities to apply and develop their use of ICT to enhance the curriculum and learning.


Exploring science is exciting and motivating for all pupils.  All children are encouraged to investigate scientifically and their achievements are recognised, E.g. Science Star of The Week.


Each year group covers specific topics which aim to broaden the children’s scientific understanding of the world around them. Pupils should learn to use information sources to classify living things and materials, identifying patterns which might be found in the natural environment. These experiences will also provide children with the skills to explore ideas and raise and investigate a variety of questions. Children will also undertake a long term fieldwork study in which they are able to observe science in a real life context over an extended period of time.


Our science curriculum is enriched by regular visits and visitors as well as by an annual ‘science day’.