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At Kids' club we offer a range of facilities and activities  such as:



  • Homework area
  • Networked computers
  • Wii Games
  • Board Games
  • Karaoke Machine
  • Pool Table
  •  Football Table
  • Book Corner
  • Access to outdoor areas including the field,hall and playground
  • Xbox 1
  • Chill Out Area
  • Large Screen TV
  • I Pad
  • Craft Activities
  • ICT Activities
  • We offer a variety of breakfast and tea depending on what session your child is booked in for.


As you can see above, children who attend Kids’ Club enjoy an array of activities, many of which are chosen by the children in conjunction with the Kids’ Club elected council and with the supervision of staff.


Each week, we choose a different craft for the children to take part in, sometimes it is seasonal, it may celebrate a festival or can be whole school specific.


Some of our Activities include:-


Diwali- Making Diwali Cards, Learning the Diwali story


Eid - Making Eid Cards and learning about the celebration


Chinese New Year- Making lanterns, paper animals (depending on Year of Animal), money wallets, animal puppets out of ties to celebrate the new year


Cooking Activities- Making Iced Biscuit’s, Pizza for tea, Shortbread, Christmas biscuits and much more


Mother/Special Person Day – Making Clay Pots and paper flowers to go inside, cards, coasters and pencil pots.


Fathers/Special Person day – Making Cards, key rings, coasters


Capture a Moment – Making Photo Frames - Using newspaper for the border and the children’s handprints inside


Painting with Pastels – Children coloured flowers for wall display


Easter Craft- Grow our own Rhy Flowers, Egg Hunt, making cards, Easter baskets, decorating an egg cup


Christmas- Making cards ,calendars, sweets, biscuits and decorations