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The majority of issues raised by parents, or pupils, are concerns rather than complaints.  Shirley Heath Junior School is committed to taking concerns seriously, at the earliest stage, in the hope of keeping the number of formal complaints to a minimum and without recourse to formal procedures.  However, in those instances where a parent doesn’t feel a concern has been addressed, or it is of sufficient gravity, then the school’s formal complaints’ procedure should be used.  The prime aim of Shirley Heath Junior School’s policy is to resolve the complaint as fairly and speedily as possible.  Formal complaints will be dealt with in a sensitive, impartial and confidential manner.


The following details outline the stages used to resolve parental complaints.


The Shirley Heath Junior School Policy has three main stages.


In summary they are as follows: -


  • Stage 1 – A concern is raised informally with the class teacher.

  •   If the matter is not resolved, then it goes to: -


  • Stage 2 – The school receives a formal written complaint which the Headteacher investigates. 

  • If the matter is not resolved, then the complaint goes to: - 


Stage 3 – The Governing Body’s Complaints’ Appeal.


Stage 1 – Raising a concern


Concerns can be raised with the school at any time and will often generate an immediate response, which will resolve the concern.  Apart from the school’s normal Parental Consultation Evenings, or other arranged meetings with specific staff, the school requests that parents make their first contact with their child’s Class Teacher.  On some occasions the concern raised may require investigation, or discussion with others, in which case you will receive an informal but informed response within a day or two.  The vast majority of concerns will be satisfactorily dealt with in this way. However, if you are not satisfied with the result at Stage 1, please write or call the school within 10 school working days and state what you would like the school to do. The school will then look at your complaint at the next stage.


Stage 2 – The Headteacher investigates the complaint 


Formal complaints should be put in writing and sent to the School, addressed to the Headteacher. The complaint will be logged, including the date it was received.  The Headteacher will normally acknowledge receipt of the complaint within two days of receiving it.  In many cases this response will also report on the action the Headteacher has taken to resolve the issue. Alternatively, a meeting may be convened to discuss the matter further.  This meeting will normally take place within ten school working days  The aim will be to resolve the matter as speedily as possible. However, if you are not satisfied with the result at Stage 2, please write or call the school within 10 school working days of getting our response. You will need to tell the school why you are still not satisfied and what you would like the school to do.


Stage 3 – Complaint heard by the Governing body’s Complaints Appeal Panel


If the matter has still not been resolved at Stage 2, then you will need to write to the Chair of Governors giving details of the complaint. The Chair or a nominated Governor will convene a complaints panel. The hearing will normally take place within 10 school working days of the receipt of the written request for Stage 3 investigation. Chair of Governors; Mrs Sonia Biddell


The aim of the Appeal panel hearing is to impartially resolve the complaint and to achieve reconciliation between the school and the complainant.  All parties will be notified of the Panel’s decision in writing within three working days after the date of the hearing.  The letter will also contain details of any further rights of redress available.


N.B: -  In cases where the matter concerns the conduct of the Headteacher, the Headteacher and Chair of Governors will be informed of the complaint. The Chair of Governors will arrange for the matter to be investigated. In cases where the matter concerns the conduct of a member of the Governing Body, the member will be informed of the complaint.


The Governors’ appeal hearing is the last school-based stage of the complaints’ process.


For further advice and guidance about the school’s Complaints Procedure, please contact Solihull Council’s Schools Information Officer on 0121-704 8536.


Solihull Council operates a complaints procedure that can be obtained from the Complaints Manager – Customer Feedback (telephone 0121 704 6761).  In respect of school complaints, the Council will only consider any complaint if the school procedure, as set out in the document, has been fully exhausted.