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Our aim

Children will be encouraged to:

 develop their physical competence and be actively involved in a variety of physical

activities which are both informal and formal

 achieve their physical potential and develop their self-esteem through the provision

of at least 120 minutes physical activity per week (which would include 2 hours high

quality learning within PE curriculum for all children, per week)

 achieve high standards of behaviour creating a safe working environment and in

doing so develop their co-operative, communication and leadership skills

 value the benefits of a healthy and balanced lifestyle while at school and throughout


Objectives of Physical Activity


 provide an understanding of exercise and health through play, high quality

curriculum provision, out of hours learning

 provide a range of play opportunities that encourage and develop active play at

both break-time and lunch-time

 provide opportunities in single and mixed gender groups

 achieve skills which enable students to continue physical activities in adult life

 promote the appreciation of physical movement through observation, analysis and


 structure problem solving situations encouraging children to work with each other

 provide opportunities for participation and on-going professional development

through close links with the local School Sport Partnership

 provide competitive opportunities for both teams and individuals to maximise their

physical achievements

 promote an awareness of sporting opportunities available within the local