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Captains Deck



To the ship: run to the captain's right

To the island: run to the captain's left

Hit the deck: lay down on your stomach (or if players don't want to get dirty,

they can crouch down)

Attention on deck: salute and yell, "Aye, aye captain!" -- players may not

move now until the captain gives the order of, "At ease!" (i.e. even if the

captain gives a different order such as "to the ship" the crew must continue to

remain at attention until told "at ease")

Three men in a boat: the crew must form groups of three and sing "Row,

row, row your boat" Anybody who is not in a group of three is out.

The love boat: Crewmembers grab a partner and dance. Anybody without a

partner is out.

Clear the deck: everyone must have their feet up off the floor

Scrub the deck: everyone on their knees scrubbing

Captain's Quarters: everyone ran towards the captain.

Man-over-board: Players must find a partner as quickly as possible. One

partner must lie on their stomach while the other places their foot on their

partner's back. Children without a partner or pairs that are too slow are


A Periscope: Every player falls on their back and sticks one leg in the air.

The last ones are eliminated.

SHARK!!!!: Everyone must run to a designated base (multiple bases can be

used). The last player to the base is eliminated.

Crow's nest: All players must find a partner. The lightest player rides on their

partner's back. Those without partners or who assemble the crow's nest too

slowly are eliminated.

Three maids in a row: Children form groups of three and sit in a vertical row.

The players who are the odd-man-out are eliminated.

Sick turtle: Everyone falls onto their backs and waves hands and feet in the


Bow: Run to the front of the boat

Stern: Run to the back

Port: Run to the left side of the boat

Starboard: Run to the right side of the boat.

Row the Boat: Each player finds a partner, sits face-to-face, holds hands,

and pretends to row a boat. Players who can't find partners or who are too

slow are eliminated.