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The KS2 Computing curriculum is based on the only safe assumption that a teacher can make: that the pupil might require particular subject knowledge in their future career, or need particular subject knowledge or skills to enable them to be active members of society. As a result, the curriculum has been designed to be fit for that purpose.

Knowledge organisers, along with the Computing curriculum incorporates fundamental computer science knowledge and skills, allowing pupils to build on a firm foundation in future education. 

An introduction to coding, coding language, digital literacy and online safety introduces Year 3 pupils to concepts, vocabulary and knowledge that is capitalised on in subsequent years. When pupils in Year 6 deepen their understanding by programming in different coding languages, their prior knowledge of coding with blocks will support them with this.

When Year 4 begin their unit on Internet Research, learning how to use a powerful tool safely and understanding the source of information they find, they will then be ready for Year 5, where their learning leads to exploring the dangers of fake news and how easily this is able to spread and access online.

At Shirley Heath, children have access to a range of technology, which will be incorporated in nearly all Computing lessons. Depending on the unit of work, children will be using desktop computers, ipads or Spheros to complete tasks and build knowledge.