School Logo

School Uniform


White blouse or polo shirt, school logo optional

Grey skirt, pinafore dress or black or grey school type trousers (not leggings)

Bright red cardigan or jumper or red sweatshirt or red cardigan sweatshirt, school logo optional

Summer dress (red check or striped)

Shoes – black or brown (not boots or trainers)

Socks – white, black or grey.


White shirt or polo shirt, school logo optional

Grey or black trousers (not jeans)

Bright red jumper or red sweatshirt, school logo optional

Shoes – black or brown (not trainers)

Socks – black or grey

PE Boys and Girls

Black shorts

Black or white socks

White top school logo optional

Trainers- Black or white (not coloured)

Black tracksuit

All uniform is available from department stores, large supermarkets and other mainstream retailers. Items with logos are available from Monkhouse Schoolwear in Solihull or Concept Schoolwear in Hall Green.


For safety and security reasons children should not wear jewellery in school. If children have had their ears pierced during the holiday and need to keep earrings in for a few more weeks, please send a note into their teacher. Tape must be provided at home before your child leaves for school and earring must be covered at all times while at school.  Tattoos & Nail Varnish are not considered appropriate for school.