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‘Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.’

Albert Einstein

Our vision: At Shirley Heath, our aim is to develop enthusiastic, confident learners who are motivated, resilient and unafraid to explore a range of mathematical problems.   We want our children to feel empowered by their mathematical knowledge; to be curious about how maths relates to the real world; and to be enthralled by the connections and relationships they discover. We provide our children with the opportunity to investigate, take risks and be challenged within a supportive, inspiring and exciting environment. Within lessons, our children are encouraged to collaborate with others, reflect upon their mistakes and to draw upon previous learning in order to become independent and fluent mathematicians who are accurate, efficient and flexible.

  • We use a coherent curriculum, based on the National Curriculum, which focuses on deep learning for all and a clear progression of small steps. Each small step builds on the previous one and a substantial amount of time is spent on each particular area of maths ensuring children have a deep understanding of each concept.
  • Progression of skills, procedures and concepts is evident within each unit via the small steps. Children build up their knowledge and understanding each lesson as they know more, do more and remember more. Progression is also shown across units, across year groups and across the wider curriculum as mathematical skills are embedded further and applied to different contexts.
  • All children, regardless of ability are challenged and supported to become fluent, confident mathematicians within engaging and exciting lessons.
  • All children are equipped for the next stage of their mathematical learning journey and for their future life using their maths knowledge and skills in the real world.