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Looking to the Future

Our school values of RESPECT (Responsibility, Empathy, Safety, Perseverance, Curiosity and Truth) are woven throughout the entire curriculum and beyond. By developing these skills within themselves and to appreciate and celebrate them in others, we are preparing our children for success in their future learning and life.


Within our value of curiosity, we want children to be curious about the world of work and be aspirational about the possibilities for their future careers. Assemblies and special days are held to ensure children gain a deeper understanding of how different skills learnt at school are used within a range of jobs and what their options could be in the future.


We work closely with our local branch of HSBC and, through workshops and assemblies, ensure our children develop their understanding of financial matters such as saving and budgeting. 


At Shirley Heath, our children are exposed to a variety of technology with interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, a dedicated computer suite of 30 computers and over a hundred ipads for daily classroom use. In addition, we want children to be aware of advances in technology and enjoy interesting topics exploring programmable resources such as spheros and 3D printers.