School Logo

Our Vision, Values and Ethos

Equal Opportunities


We are proud to offer equal opportunities for all members of our community. We challenge behaviours, words and actions which compromise our school values and freedoms within our community.




We want our pupils to enjoy coming to school.  We aim to excite and engage our children as learners.  We want to foster pupil achievement and self-belief through the provision of a broad and challenging curriculum, developing individual skills, talents and interests so they know how to learn, and respond positively to the opportunities and demands of the rapidly changing world in which we live and work.  We endeavour to promote the mental, emotional and physical health of all pupils, thereby enabling children to make healthy choices and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our vision is that Shirley Heath becomes a hub of the community – a place where everyone feels welcome, secure and valued.  We wish to provide services and activities that help to meet the needs and aspirations of children, their families and the wider community.


Our Values - R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

We have 8 school values, developed in consultation with pupils and staff. Here is an acrostic representation of them. We focus on these values during assemblies, during lessons and in everything we do.



The School Aims

  • To provide opportunities to develop enjoyment of and a commitment to learning.
  • To build on the strengths, interests and experiences of all members of the school community.
  • To value all pupils as individuals and cater for their physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs.
  • To provide a broad, enquiry-based curriculum using a wide range of strategies raising pupils’ confidence to acquire, develop and apply knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • To promote equal opportunities through developing pupils’ knowledge, understanding and appreciation of different beliefs and cultures therefore enabling them to feel confident to challenge discrimination and stereotyping.
  • To further develop collaboration between pupils, staff, parents, governors, the community and the LA to continue to raise standards pertaining to all aspects of school life.


Our Shirley Heath Acrostic Poem  By Dillan Sanghera (age 10)

S hirley Heath is about making learning fun

H owever it is also about getting the job done

I n lessons we always try our best

R eading and writing puts us to the test!

L aughter and joking we do outside

E veryone works hard though when inside

Y ou will feel really welcome at our school

H elping and team building is what we do

E verybody including staff does this too!

A lso our teachers will make a brilliant plan

T he staff always keep the school spick and span

H ere at Shirley Heath they turn girl and boy into woman and man.