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Our Vision: at Shirley Heath, all children will engage in a supportive and rewarding Physical Education curriculum in which children will engage with a variety of physical activities and have many opportunities to represent our school community.

Throughout the school, P.E. plays a significant role in the timetable. Lessons follow a structured plan, which aims to develop all of the essential skills and control children need to take part in P.E. and sport.

Lessons have a practical focus, where skills are introduced, developed, performed and evaluated. During their four years at Shirley Heath, the children will complete units of work that include: Gymnastics, Dance, Games, Swimming, Athletics and Orienteering.

This area of the school’s work is of vital importance, having wider effects (e.g. health, physical development, recreation and co-operation) well beyond formal lessons.

Fitter Future:

To promote and encourage the children to be physically active school citizens, all classes adopt Fitter Future. Fitter Future is a series of short workouts designed for the classroom and at home which engage children and get them moving. Your child should have their own Fitter Future log-in. You can log-in by using the link below: