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A break time boost will help your child.

We are a healthy school and always encourage the children to bring in a healthy snack. Many of your children bring in the fruit or vegetable snacks recommended but some do not. A fruit or veg snack will not only be healthy for your child but will also boost their concentration and help their mood and anxieties. Please encourage your child to bring in fruit or vegetable sticks for break time.

What can’t my child bring?

As long as it is fruit or vegetables they can bring it! Please do not send in cereal bars or Nutella products– we are a nut free school due to allergies.

If children do not have a snack for break they may be tempted to eat part of their lunch which means they have less food to last them through the afternoon.

A healthy snack and a water bottle are essential ingredients for a happy, healthy child who is ready to learn!


Visit this website for ways to encourage picky eaters to keep trying fruit and vegetables-


They also say-

Why is it important that my child gets the daily recommended servings of vegetables and fruits?

Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals and fibre. Kids should be encouraged to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables – there is a rainbow of colours to choose from – which provides a rich source of antioxidants, instead of sugary snacks and fast food, which are high in fat and sugar. The vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables provide the following benefits:

· Promote good health and protect against disease, both now and in the future.

· To ensure the child’s healthy growth and development.

· Strengthen a child’s immune system and help fight illnesses. There is strong evidence to show that the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables can prevent chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases.

· The high-fibre content can aid in the proper function of the digestive system and prevent constipation.


Visit the NHS website to find fun ways to present fruit and vegetables to children at home-


Thank you for your continued support!