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Maths workshop recount from pupil

GTXXTRA Workshop for Able Year 6 Mathematicians

Date: Friday 21st September

Location: Coppice Junior School

Attendees: Elisa and Hanza

Reported by: Hanza


On Friday 21st September, I got ready for school as normal but realised I wasn’t going to school, well not my school anyway! In fact, I had been invited to Coppice Junior School for the Able Mathematicians Workshop.

I had not heard of the school before but was surprised to find it was quite close to where I live, 15 minutes away to be precise. On arriving at Coppice Junior School, I was led to the hall where I met children from all over the Borough.

As an ice-breaker, we were asked to complete an activity called ‘Magic Vs’. This involved adding pairs of numbers to get to get to a particular total. This was followed by an activity where all the children introduced themselves. Surprisingly, this wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be! Next, we had to find a partner from a different school, my partner was called Millee. Throughout the morning, we did a range of maths activities and games that included:

  • Working out a number that Dave, one of the teachers leading the session, was thinking of by asking lots of questions;

  • Solving logic and reasoning questions with Chris (another teacher). This was incredibly challenging but lots of fun;

  • Making hexagons out of A4 paper which included lots of folding; and

  • Creating 2D paper jeeps.

The workshop lasted for two hours and I was back at Shirley Heath Junior School just before lunchtime. I had an incredible time, and learnt a very valuable lesson, you often learn more from getting things wrong than right. Who would’ve thought ‘Mathematics’ and ‘Fun’ could be mixed together! I would definitely recommend similar events to others.