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Our vision: At Shirley Heath, our aim is to develop confident and curious learners who are motivated and enthusiastic to explore world issues and develop an understanding of a range of faiths, views and beliefs beyond our local area.  Pupils at Shirley heath learn about and from religious beliefs.  They appreciate and celebrate the similarities and differences between Christianity and other principle religions through gaining a deep knowledge and understanding of their teaching and practices. 


R.E. aims to give children the knowledge, understanding, critical thinking skills, open minded and respectful attitude with which to investigate the world of religion and to prepare them to be able to make their own decisions in the future about what religion means to them.  Children will be able to express ideas about the nature and impact religion has on themselves and society.   During R.E. lessons, all children should feel confident to share their ideas make contributions within a supportive environment, during class discussions.  They should feel that their opinions and beliefs are valued and respected.


At Shirley Heath, all of the 6 principle religions (Bhuddism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhsim) are taught by the end of Key Stage 2.  We support our RE teaching using ‘Discovery R.E.’ as the basis for our planning as well as using guidance from the Solihull agreed syllabus of what must be covered thus ensuring we have a coherent curriculum which focuses on deep learning for all and clear progression.  We follow an enquiry based model and aim to teach ‘fewer things in greater depth’ to enable learners to have a deeper understanding.  We have considered the theory of ‘Spaced Retrieval Practise’ and have recognised that our children need the opportunity to revisit previously taught objectives throughout the year to ensure they retained their understanding in the long-term.