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Active Together 2021

Active Together Challenges, 2021

This year, we are completing the Active Together 2021 Challenge. To complete this challenge, all the children need to do is take part in 21 twenty-minute physical activity bursts with two or more people from their household. To guide you through this, below, there is an activity log to you can download to help you track your family’s progress. Activities must be completed between Monday 11th January and Sunday 14th February. Example activities that you could record may include: skipping, football, jogging, walking, climbing, riding a scooter or walking the dog - anything that increases your heart rate! What is great about this challenge is that family member’s do not all have to do the same activity at the same time. For example, a parent(s) could walk to the park while the child/children ride their scooters.


How to submit results and get involved:

1. Print or recreate the activity log (find below in the downloads section)

2. Log your family physical activity (20 minutes or longer).

3. Take a picture of your activity log.

4. Scan the QR code on the activity log (find below in the downloads section) and complete the short form - including uploading the picture of your log - before Monday 15th February at 5pm.

5. Download and print your e-certificate.


By completing and participating in this task, you could potentially win one of the family prizes from SSP:

1st place - Family activity hamper worth £100

2nd place - Family activity hamper worth £50

3rd place – Family activity hamper worth £30


If you do have any further questions or queries, please contact Mr Dowson via the school office.